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Types of wire
Comm Wire

Is communication cable(eg cat5 cat6). Very thin individually insulated copper conductors. With an extra insulated covering. Comm cable will usually consist of six pairs of wires or more. Used in the telecomm industry.


It has 1-4 insulated copper conductors and a bare copper conductor for ground. It also has an extra layer of plastic insulation surrounding the insulated copper conductors and bare ground. May come in aluminum though not very often.

#1 Wire

Copper conductor must be free of tin plating.

BX Wire

Or armoured cable is usually 3-4 copper conductors with a bare copper conductor for ground. It has a protective aluminum casing on the outside. 14awg-8awg are the most common sizes and will affect pricing.

#2 Low Grade

Is insulated copper wire with a low copper recovery. Examples of low grade are as follows. USB cables, RCA cables, Speaker wire, power cords with the plug ends left on, computer ribbon cable, most car wiring harness', telephone cords, s-video cables, HDMI cables, mouse and keyboard cords, ac adaptor cords and anything with a low copper content(lots of insulation little copper).

#2 Tin Wire

A copper conductor plated with tin and wrapped in insulation. #2 tin wire varies in size and copper content.

#1 House Wire

Is 2awg-14awg insulated copper wire. Single, stranded or solid copper conductor with a single thin insulation (eg T90).