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The Wire Recycling Process

Our facilities are equipped to handle all types of cable and wire recycling. We have a complete system for cable scrap separation. For more information about our services, please give us a call toll free at 1-877-322-1121.

Wire Recycling with an Electrical Cable Grinding Recovery System

This system allows you to achieve final pure segregated material from all forms of cable. Cables are grinded to very fine homogeneous sizes and metals are automatically separated from inert materials during this wire recycling process.

The result you have is pure copper, aluminum or steel granules recovered from plastics and rubber. This process of wire recycling works as follows: the wire is dumped into a pre-shredder where the material is sized to < 30mm, then conveyed and metered into the primary granulator where it is processed through a 4 or 5mm grid to separate the copper from the insulation.

From the granulator, the material passes through a separator where heavier copper chops are removed and exit the system. The remaining material containing small diameter wire (still coated) is transported by air to an Impact Mill (Turbo Mill) where the remaining copper is liberated from the coating. This material is then transported to the separation machine where the remaining copper is separated from the tailings/waste.

Wire Recycling with an Electrical Cable Stripper

This wire recycling option is ideal for separation of copper, aluminum and other valuable metals from various cables. Very simple, and in a few seconds it will allow you to process both low and wide diameter cables: from 3 to 100 mm diameter. Trustworthy and dependable, every scrap yard should have one.